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acne scars



ive had acne for about 3 years and now im 18 i still have some bad break outs and always have spots on my face but it has calm down alot. ive used every single cream and tablet that doctors have ever prescribed to me but its not the spots that bother me ive been left with red marks where the skin has been broken ive got 5 quite large ones in total and theres more by the day my skin looks so bad i dont go out ever because it looks so bad the doctors says it will take years for them to heal but i went to a new doctor and he has referred me back to dermatology and when im there i want dermbrasion as ive seen alot of things how it fades these marks and if i dont get it from dermatology i will to have a private clinic to have it done. has anybody had a similar expierence ? thanks iain


Yes. the only thing that has truly helped is diet change. sad to say...some people get heart disease we get acne. acne is a symptom of something wrong going on in our bodies. nothing we do externally is truly going to help. it may mask it but we wont get to the root. check out my blog. there are many reasons for acne you need to find what yours is. I have hormonal acne. my body just does not process foods efficiently causing a hormonal imbalance. I get huge sore cysts that sometimes looks like boils. itshorrid. gets even worse when i am emotionally stressed. But with diet changes...nothing. occasional one two here depending on situation but i've learned effective ways to spot treat to get those cysts demolished in two days!!! so check out my blog homie. i know how you feel. Heres just some things to start you off:you can:1. forever spot treat with garlic juice (never use the fruit, i show how on my blog) 2. start off with supplements if diet change is too hard. make sure you get A, C, E, B, ZINC. moderate levels dont over do it. just take the recommended doasage and you will see results in 3-6 months. and never stop the supps even after you clear. OPTIONAL: MSM was very helpful too towards healing3. If you are willing to go the full 9 yards. change your diet. no pills needed. excercise more. DRINK TONS OF WATER. You don't need to live with acne. it is something you can conquer. it takes work. and it sucks to see others not have to deal with it while eating Mcdonalds. Well we get acne others get obesity, heart, liver, kidney problems. Take care

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Thanks alot for your information I have a really really healthy diet i always have but I changed even more dramatically last year . Going to see a private clinic this week to have microdermabrasion done to treat the marks and maybe I can finally go out not gone out or without a hat for months now I really hope it works

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whats gonna happen when you break out again...another procedure. I'm sorry to stomp on your grounds but you may not be eating as healthy as you think... acne is not a disease but a symptom. you need to find what your disease is. it could be liver,it could be your intestines, digestion, hormones. i would go to an endocrinologist first and check your hormones. atleast you might get an idea of whats up and which diet is best for you. eating oranges make some break out while clearing others up. same with garlic. so your best bet is so seriously seek the holistic way. cheaper in the long run and beneficial to your overall health...not just your beauty. I know its hard and you are eager for a fix. i been there. I have a friend who does it every couple months but because she hasn't gotten to the root she still breaks out and then has to get the procedure done again and again everytime she breaks out. its expensive and her body is still sick. hun seriously...try the holistic route my dear. how bout you tell me what kinds of foods you eat.

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