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acne on others



I was thinking today what I'd do without makeup and I couldn't imagine not being able to cover the redness of my blemishes. I don't think its true that acne is worse for girls than guys because of the whole 'importance of perfection' idea. I read somewhere on a message board the other day about a guy who felt so down about his acne that he couldn't go to classes anymore. I can really relate to this and if any guys are reading this then I'd just like to say that when I see a guy with skin problems, I don't look at the acne and think ew. I don't think any normal girls do. We get this reputation for turning down guys with acne but most of us just don't give a crap about the state of your skin.

I dated someone who had bad acne and I can honestly say I wouldn't have found him any better looking than he already was even if his skin was perfect.

Sorry for the rant but a friend of mine told me today that he thought girls would reject him because of his skin, and anyone reading this I'm sure the girls will agree with me- most of us aren't looking for a flawless guy, because let's face it, none of us like to feel imperfect in comparison.

Mila xx


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