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Day 33 - Ow my face



Another whingey blog lined up!

Well not as bad as last week but I'm definitely in the midst of a breakout. Chin spots are the worst - they scab and dry too and just look awful. Thank god for make up is all I can say. I wish I could try to go without it as I'm sure that would stop the aggravation but because of my job I just can't go around with a lepper face. It's so red and angry underneath I can't ever imagine it being clear again. Ive a few lumpy cysts on my forehead whihc are very apparent too. I've gone back to using an overnight cream of Salicylic acid which has calmed a few of the big swines on my chin. It's helped the scabs peel too which is good.

Moisturising very regularly.

I got the lips under control - stopped using products like blistex and caramex cause they were ripping my lips to bits. Using vaseline which I was advised not to use but goes to show you can't always trust other peoples experiences. Everyone is different.

My nose is really painful to touch as it tends to bleed quite a lot. I'm a bit worried about my derm upping my intake (which seems to happen to most bloggers during their IB) as surely this will just intensify the side effects?

So mostly just "ow's" in my face and my acne being the biggest preoccupation of my life. I need some perspective really!

I'm going to put pictures up in the next few days.



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