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Accutane 5th and Final Month



I am currently on my last dose of accutane. I am taking 60 mg a day. My skin has been completely clear for about 2 months. My skin will get dry if I don't apply lotion a couple times every day, but it has become a habit so dry skin hasn't been too much of an issue. Same with dry lips, I never leave the house without chapstick. I can't remember what my last blogs said exactly but my regimen has not changed at all, I wash my face with neutrogena face wash, apply neutrogena toner and then usually use neutrogena face lotion. I do that twice a day.

Good Luck to everyone on here fighting with acne. My journey with accutane was long and difficult, but it was well worth it and I recommend it to anyone who is at the end of their rope.


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