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Day 84



Eh, my skin isn't looking too great. My forehead keeps peeling in a few certain places no matter what. The skin on my nose keeps peeling off in chunks leaving red, raw skin. This has been going on for a month now! My chin is breaking out, I have several deep pustules. Above my lip is clear except for one huge pimple on my upper lip. My jawlines are smoother and they're only breaking out underneath. Basically the whole area around my mouth is breaking out. My forehead has lots of little pimples, but they're drying out nicely. My cheeks are smooth in some places but full of red marks. The skin on my cheeks is nice and peely. The crescent shaped area under my eyes are still bumpy, peely, and now turning purple. My eyebrows are breaking out in small pimples too. Overall my cheeks are clearer and smoother, and my jawline isn't as bad, but everything else has gotten worse. The red marks are still dark and there's still a ton of them. I don't have much hope for them anyway. I start my last 5 day course of Prednisone tomorrow. It better clear me up.... Also the skin on my hands is drying up and looking peely. My hair isn't as greasy though, and I hardly have any shine on my face.


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