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Im a 19 year old girl and i have had horrible horrible acne/pimples for 2 years straight(which of course has left terrible scars)..before that it was just a zit here and there..normal teenage stuff...well i found out the reason for my terrible acne and its the fact that i have multiple ovarian cysts..i didnt get fat or hairy..i just got the acne part =(..although i am on medication for that...a med called neodipar..my acne though slightly better(im talking like 5-10% better) still hasnt cleared up..i have been to several dermatologists and most of them have given me topical creams/gels that usually contain salicylic acid(nothing works)..very few gave me meds to take orally...currently im using retin-a which does help a tiny bit.also i recently started taking terramycin orally like a month ago or so..it has made my acne worse and very angry(painful)..especially my body acne...face is not as bad as compared to my back and chest/shoulders/stomach....i also have an extremely oily face and scalp(wash doesnt last a day) but the rest of my body(neck down) is extremely dry.i previously had urtecaria on my body..when i was younger..but i do get very veryyy dry patches on my face because of retin-a..sooo finally my question is should i start roccutane/accutane?

people out there with similar cases..please HELP!


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