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just being more natural and gentle



Made it through clinical, though very self-conscious of my skin. This breakout is really effecting how I interact with my classmates and teachers and most importantly, my patients. Being in this particular nursing program, there is no room to make up days. :)

Today I called and left a message for my derm about the Veltin and how I've had a bad IB from it, and if I should continue with it. (So veltin is a retinoid, like Retin-A or differin so it repairs the skin fast, causing peeling). I guess he'll get back to me. I ran out of the sample tubes, so the last few days I haven't used it. My jaw dropped when I went to the pharmacy yesterday...289 bucks! just for one 60 gram tube. Then, when talking to the pharmacist and if I should ask for a cheaper medication, she said, "well it shows here you took claravis in 2009. Maybe consider that?" My jaw nearly dropped even lower and my heart sank. This woman is suggesting to me accutane? My acne just got bad because of this veltin...and she thinks it's bad enough to take accutane AGAIN! So I went to another pharmacy to find the Veltin $25 dollars cheaper. That's for being greedy AND rude. Neener neener neener.

So yesterday, went to the health food store and bought all gluten free food, veggies, fruit, and manuka honey. For the last few days, I've had no dairy or bread. I bought muslix cereal (has gluten I know) but I have cut way down on complex carbs and high GI foods. I no longer am having diarrhea or bloating or cramping. I did a cucumber mask yesterday which my skin felt very hydrated and non-irritated for the first time in a few weeks, a little messy though so I need to figure out how to thicken it. Maybe corn starch? lol. It was very calming though. I needed to so something that wasn't going to dry out my already irritated skin. I had the manuka honey mask on earlier, and when I took it off my skin was much less red and the spot were dry and healing up. Wow! ....I'm praying that I don't break out from it!

One positive thing (I think): I heard on the org someone put Crystal body deodorant on their face. It acts as a "protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria." It has no aluminum that is linked to breast cancer. It is very clean, applies clear, no antiperspirant, no scent or weird residue. Just salt. I put some on my chest last night and today, and the skin (still with a few clogged pores) is softer and smoother. I can't imagine salt breaking out my skin. But I hope (once my breakout clears up) that I will test it on my forehead since that doesn't breakout.

Another positive thing so far is that I switched moisturizers. I bought the Eucerin sensitive skin spf 30 moisturizer, because the Olay was nice but I want a higher SPF. Plus Olay left my face shiny (I already have oily skin) and didn't moisturize enough. This one leaves my skin shiny, but at least my skin feels hydrated. We will see how it goes.

So once I get all my supplies I bought from amazon, this will be my new regimen:


wash face with water and if needed papaya soap

Possibly use TTO as spot treatment (if doesn't peel)

Apply Eucerin sensitive skin SPF 30

Roll on Crystal deodorant on chest (for now..I'll test on face once I see how I react).


Remove makeup with Bioderm H20 crealine

Wash face with papaya soap or just water

Apply Veltin

And not sure what to moisturize with at night lol.

Should I put the Veltin on after a moisturizer? I only want to use it to spot treat, so I'm afraid that putting something on after will spread it around. Should I skip moisturizer? Or just apply the veltin last?

Possible other culprits to breakout:

Jojoba oil. Even though this is great for removing makeup and little dry/peely skin, I will give it a break. I didn't use it for a few months except to remove eye makeup, then more recently I started using it and...it could just be another cause.

Anyways, skin is looking...better. At least less inflamed and swollen. Lot's of little bumps though and clogged pores. I squeeze them, and this like hard stuff comes out. It's like a clump of dried oil or something. It's GROSS is what it is, but at least it's out of my skin.

In all honesty, I'm not expecting this more natural holistic route to cure my skin. My genetics are too strong to expect a pimple free face for long. Too many things I've used expecting it would cure, so I don't want to be disappointed again I just want to be cleansed and feel good in general again, and get away from chemicals and clogging food. But you know what? I have a good feeling that this holistic thing is the route for ME. I have to stop looking at other girls with glowing skin as they drink Starbucks shots all day long, drink/party all night, and eat frozen pizzas. So I'm putting my faith in the Lord, taking one day at a time, praying He fills me with His love and mercy, so that I become less self-conscious, and more conscious about making an impact in this world for His glory.


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