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2nd package of Diane35, Monday August 22.



Status of Acne: Couple inflamed acne from initial breakout, almost cleared up though. So much better then it was on Friday. No new pimples, that is a great sign! Cystic acne on chin peeled last night, so it should go away by the end of the week for sure. 1 pimple that formed on my cheek yesterday is already gone, the other one is pretty big and inflamed. Popped it this morning though, so it should be better by at least tuesday or wednesday.

Progress: No oil on my face whats so ever, almost to the point where it is becoming too dry. No new breakouts or pimples. Acne scars look horrible, but will progressively disappear with time. Nothing makeup can't cover up.

Acne: Moderate.

Okay so my face is even BETTER then yesterday, yay? yes. Unfortunately my face feels extremely dry and sore. I am going to give my face a break tonight & not put anything on it except wash of the makeup before I go to sleep. My Oxy Acne Vanishing Lotion works really good, but is so strong and I wore it the whole day yesterday & night. My face definitely needs a break.

I think Diane35 may be starting to work a bit. I don't have any new breakouts or new pimples as of this morning & the other breakout is clearing up as well as the breakout I had around my chin. I have about 8 days left on package 2 and I will be starting package 3 soon, and from what I have read a lot of people experienced Diane35 to start working either towards the end of the 2nd package or the end of the 3rd package. I wish it was the end of the 2nd package! I am starting a brand new school on the 8th of September and I'd like to have somewhat clear skin!

I am seeing my mom today, and I am going home for the week. I am really excited to see everyone! I miss my mom so much. Last night was probably the worst sleep of my life. Diane35 was causing me to have extreme severe pain in my right leg and arm. It felt like aching muscle soreness. Thankfully it went away after about an hour, and I could finally go back to sleep. Also Diane35 is making me have absolutely NO appetite. Not necessarily a bad thing, I was really afraid I was going to gain a bunch of weight due to Diane35, but it seems I am doing the exact opposite. I am going to try and eat a lot more then I did yesterday. I feel really weak, and exhausted. I am just going to try and stuff my face!!

So far I can honestly say these minor side effects I've been feeling these past couple days is not making me not want to take Diane35. I am 2 months in, I cannot give up now! Especially when I've just started to see improvement. :)


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