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2nd package of Diane35, Sunday August 21.




(This was me after numerous months on doxycycline, at the end of May, 2011 - it stopped working in the beginning of July. As you can see it completely cleared up my face, I am on the left. It was my graduation day, and I am just so thankful that doxycycline worked long enough so that I could be clear for my graduation day.)

Status of Acne: Not as many inflamed acne, maybe 1 or 2 healing ones right now. No new cystic acne, hoping that is a good sign. Forehead is still completely clear, but got 2 new not really noticeable pimples on my right cheek. Hoping will be gone by tomorrow morning. Couple of the small pimples on my chin are drying up & the cystic one on my chin is decreasing everyday.

Progress: No oily skin, complexion still looks like shit. Horrible initial breakout is slowly but surely going away day by day. Hoping Diane35 is starting to work!

Acne: Moderate.

Awesome! Face has even improved more then yesterday. The only downside is I got 2 new pimples on my cheek, when it was almost clear. They shouldn't take long to go away, the pimples on my cheeks usually don't last too long. The acne that was around my chin is getting better too. I put on some Oxy Acne Vanishing Lotion at night and it seems to be helping the process as well, especially helping disappear my initial breakout. I seriously cannot wait until my Diane35 starts working and my pimples just all disappear, I think I might shit my pants with happiness. Overall things are looking up and I feel happier for the most part. Yesterday was not a good day at all. I just felt so ugly and I didn't want to go anywhere, but my sister reassured me that my acne is not bad at all and that I am being really hard on myself. I have to agree with her. I'm just not used to having so many pimples on my face at once. When I was on Doxycycline I literally NEVER had a breakout. I only maybe had 1 zit every 2 months. It was so awesome. I am still desperately hoping Diane35 will give me the same results. I just want my old skin back! The skin that I loved to stare at and feel because it was so soft.

I also talked to my boyfriend about the way I've been feeling due to this stupid initial breakout. He's such a great guy. He told me that I am beautiful no matter what, and you don't even notice the acne. My boyfriend is very honest, so I know he is telling the truth. It's amazing how understanding he can be about acne, since he's never had a pimple in his life! He has such perfect dark skin. I want his skin!!!! :) I think my biggest thing is I need to stop touching my face, and examining it with this super magnifying mirror I have. I just need to stop staring, touching and live my fucking life. Almost done package 2! Hoping package 3 will bring some REAL noticeable results. :doh:


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