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Keep telling myself it won't be as bad as I think...



OK, so I am pretty much determined to limit processed foods, gluten, dairy, and meat. I made myself a green smoothie and must say it is more filling than I thought. It didn't seem like that much, but I'm glad I didn'tmake more because I am full. I actually feel really good right now, and trying to be positive.

Going to the store to buy more veggies, fruits, and frozen fruit, gluten free pasta, etc. Feeling less self-conscious, though my skin looks terrible. I gently brushed some powder over to just minimize redness and I guess feel better. I also need to find a good moisturizer with SPF that doesn't contain alcohol, avobenzone, or fragrances.

You know what? When my boyfriend visited, he would get tiny little non-inflamed whiteheads, but then they were so small that they just healed right away and didn't leave a mark. Since he has skin that tans very easily (lot of melanin), if he does get a pimple it leaves a purple mark, but it still heals fairly quickly. He actually has glowing tan skin. The only problem area he has is his jawline/neck line because that's where he shaves. I believe it's more due to irritation than actual acne. His sisters have gorgeous tan skin like him....

I'm wondering if I should continue using the Veltin, even though there's a bad initial breakout. It took about 8 weeks to finally be clear while on the DKR, and I had no more of those comedomes or bums under my skin...but then all of the sudden my skin was so try and irritated and blistering after 2 months that I had to stop. I realize that my chin/jawline is very congested again, and the veltin is just helping it purge. Do I humble myself and continue? There can only be so much in there right? lol

ok...off to the store and run errands. I hope I can just forget about my skin and be happy today. I think the happier/more joyful I am, I think I can sense my skin start to heal. May the joy of the Lord heal my skin!


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Hi there! I noticed that you're going the holistic route, too! Awesome!My boyfriend is the same way...it makes me CRAZY, lol. He has perfect glowy tan skin most of the time (besides shaving). I think you're on the right track, though, with the veggies and healthy stuff. I made the vegetarian choice, and my skin made a great turn-around just from that. I just have to get rid of the little bit that's left. And you're also in the right with the "thinking positively!" It truly is a healer itself.:clap: Good luck!P.S. Sorry, I don't have any advice for the Veitin. I've never heard of it, so I can't help you out...

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