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Was doing so well- fallen off the wagon!!!



This diet is really tough, and seems that everyone around here thinks I'm a little nutty for doing it in the first place, thought I'd see if any of you guys are doing a similar thing ...

Let me tell you about the diet first..

I'm taking Cilantro (mixed up into a pesto with garlic, lemon juice, almonds and olive oil) 2tbsp a day for heavy metal Chelation.

30 min before that I take Chlorella which is supposed to help bind to the metals.

In addition to that I take a Vitamin E and Selenium tablet once a day with meals, as well as Omega 3/6/9 once a day.

My diet consisted of:

loads and loads of fresh (sometimes raw, sometimes cooked) vegetables; good proteins (e.g. chickn, eggs, nuts, seeds); lots of water and herbal teas.

I can't eat:

Fungus foods like mushrooms; no yeast containing food, so no bread; no sugar; no noodles, legumes; no coffee or regular tea; no fruit; not even quinoa which is relatively low-carb.

This diet will starve the yeast, and is very strict until after 2-3 weeks when you can start adding new foods.

Day 1-3 were great except for the expected yeast die-off symptoms like weakness, nausea. Last night, however (Day 4) I felt exceptionally shaky and weak, and my heart was pounding and was elevated... thought it would be gone by this morning. It wasn't. My heart beat was still elevated and the process of getting myself out from bed was horrndous; I felt dizzy, shakey, bit confused, nauseous and my body felt like it weighed a ton.

I wondered if these symptoms were just bad yeast die-off symptoms or if it had something to do with the metals being redistributed ...

I didn't know what could be wrong, but had read somewhere on the internet that you should take a break from the metal chelation for a few days/week so decided not to take the cilantro today.

I also thought I'd do a little cheat and mix a bit of quinoa into my salad lunch because I felt so weak!

That was a bad idea, because suddenly I was reaching for the bread bin ... and it goes downhill form there... :)

Now I'm sat here bloated and feeling so dissappointed with myself because I didn't even crave carbs that badly!!!!

Anyway, I wanted to write this here, for myself more than anything else.

Tomorrow, back to DAY 1. Watch this space ...


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