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happily after


Well I feel my skin is undergoing a purging phase which is frustrating. It is dry all over especially on the areas where have pimple which looks very flaky and peel-y especially obvious after applying sunscreen and make up. And I am having 5 active zits on my face (1 on my right cheek, today newly formed 1 my chin, 1 on my left chin near mouth, 1 on my upper lip skin to the left, 1 above my right eyebrow).

As for the skincare products, since I have never find a HG products, I always like to test out things. If I do not like the product, here in the states have very good return service, therefore I will simply keep the receipts, I will just return them. So trying out new things is not hurting my wallet.

I had return CeraVe cleanser which makes my skin burn. I was wanting to try CeraVe pm lotion since it has Niacinamide, but I figure regular CeraVe cream is not hydrating my face and making me breakout, so I just returned it without actually tried it.

I also kinda came back to embryolisse cream. It feels a little nicer than cetaphil but they both the same just feel they just sit on top of my skin without giving hydration. Not to mention they both are shiny and greasy on my skin tho embryolisee is a litter better then cetaphil. Because I really do not like the cetaphil feeling on my face , I substituted embryolisee for a couple of days. I kinda have the feeling that embyolisee is making me breakout. And I looked through embryolisee's ingredients, I saw there are some very pore clogging ingredients in it. I know I am changing product too often which is making me confused that if the product really breaks my out or it is the worsen period I am undergoing. I even suspect jojoba is also making me breakout.

Today I finally bought Vanicream. I first tried it on my hand as soon as I got home and it feels very heavy and sticky which I kinda could not bear then I washed it off. Then I try it again and waited a litter longer this cream actually absorbed into the skin and drys matte and smooth which is very impressive. My skin feels pretty good right now apart from the oiliness of the jojoba.

Anyways, my current skin care routine


Cetaphil gentle cleanser

(maybe vanicream since it is not shiny and heavy at all once it is absorbed and dry)

Eucerin sunscreen

Make up ( I was using Revlon colorstay but really feel this is making breakout)


(Jojoba pre cleanse)

Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin or neutrogena foaming cleanser

Vanicream with jojoba for the first day

Tretinoin(every other day, if my face gets too flakey, I will just stop tretinoin until whenever my skin feel being able to tolerate it again)

I am thinking stop use BP for spot treatment but use tretinoin alone. I do not feel BP has any positive effect on my pimple but irritate and dry them further and causing free radicals on my face, making me not able to use tretinoin.


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