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Roaccutane Day 20



Been a while so thought i would post!

It's day 20 and have seen some improvements, still getting acne as usual but the left side of my face has definitely cleared and not really getting many spots just left with all those nasty scars/red marks!

The right side of my face is a different story :) i have that big cyst still and lots of horrible spots on my right side.. I have kinda forgotten i was taking the drug i'm just living on as usual not really thinking about it just taking each pill everyday with a meal.

Side effects - Face is drying out a bit more but not applying ANY moisturizer as when i did last time i think that is what broke me out again. I will start applying when my face is really really dry as the whole point of taking it is to stop producing oil there is no point slapping cream on my face.

Lips are dry, back aches only if i lift heavy stuff or bend down for a while then stand back up - can avoid this by just not bending down haha. Nose is definitely dry i see what people mean by this it feels like my nose is blocked and i got lots of boogers up there i think which are just dried up.

Just waiting for some better results soon! Can't believe tomorrow will be start of 3rd week :doh:


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