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acne away from home



I've been worrying for a while now how my life will change next month. I got accepted into university and I am soo excited to be leaving home and starting a new life. I should be more excited though but I worry about what will happen when I have a bad skin day and just don't want to face the world. I'm moving from the comfort of my home where I could hide away for a while when my confidence hits a low because of my skin.

So I've thought a lot about this and I've realised that there's no use in worrying about it because as quickly as my new situation will come, so will my adaptation to that new environment. What I mean is that I will cope because I have no choice but to cope. Sure there will be days when I just won't want to get out of bed and go to my classes but I'll deal with thay because I won't let my future be damaged by some pimples.

In other news, my skin's been recovering from last weeks breakout (yes caused by my picking) these past few days, and last night I had the house to myself. I know most normal teenagers would have a house party or invite people over and enjoy it. I, however, just wanted to curl up in a blanket with no makeup and watch a movie. After an hour or so of doing this I got up and put some makeup on and told myself that 'screw it, my skin is nowhere near bad enough to make me act like I'm in a nursing home', so I called a guy I've been seeing over and we had a great night watching movies.

Pointless story maybe but I hope that some of you will relate to some of my issues, it helps for me to remember that I am in no way alone with the problems I am facing.

Mila xx


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