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Day 74-This is NOT my skin



My apologies guys for not updating my blog in a while, I've been pretty busy lately. I do have some great news!

As of right now,I have only two active pimples. I don't think everyone knows how much of an improvment that is. At the beginning of summer I had moderate acne. Now I'm not one of those people that have 10 pimples and call it moderate acne....I had acne covering every cm of my forehead. I had acne on my chin, on the sides of my mouth and occasionally on my nose. I would have 2 to 4 painful pimples on my face at all times and got new pimples everyday. It crushed my self esteem as i saw all my friends having clear skin and doing nothing to it, while I was plagued with painful embarassing acne. I'm going to cut some stuff out to not make this as long and boring to some.

I've been on Epiduo for not even three months and I'm almost completely clear. That being said,I still have TONS of acne scars and marks left over that, as acne sufferers know, can take forever to go away.

I honestly thought that Epiduo would do nothing for my acne except irritate it as did all the other topicals I had used. I believe that my routine helped too. I rarely slacked on it. My routine was fairly simple:


-Wash w/Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

-Spot treat any big pimples with Epiduo(depending if my skin doesnt feel too dry that day)

-Apply Aloe Vera(IF no makeup is applied)

-Vani Cream Lite Lotion(IF makeup is applied).....I will be posting later my makeup routine and possibly a video on how i cover my acne


-Wash w/Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser(let face air dry)

-Apply Epiduo on breakout zones(forehead chin and side of mouth)

-Apply Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil heavily...I like to give a my skin a lot of moisture at night

2 to 4 times a week:

-Baking Soda mask(rarely,I don't need it much anymore)

-Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

And thats it! You have to stick to it strictly if you want best results(just like the Acne.org Regimen) I just started using Dermalogicas Daily Microfoliant and can not rave enouigh about this product. Its very gentle and i can use it everyday. I have used it before and loved but i couldn't afford it at the time since it was $50. It comes in powder form. You then add water and it becomes a paster which you massage gently on your face for 1-2 mins. A little goes a LONG way,believe me. I had my last one for 2 years so the price is worth it. Anyone who is looking to improve skin texture, pore size, acne marks and even acne will benefit from this product. I am not being paid to talk about this product.

I could blab on more about all the products I use or how my skin is doing and what I do to keep it clear,but that would get very..very long. Feel free to message me if you have nay questions or need help. My skin is improving everyday and I can't believe I'm almost clear..EEEP! :) I have so much more confidence. Bleh,I'll just keep talking if I don't stop now. Toodles!

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This helps so much!!!! My daughter was prescribed epiduo yesterday and is terrified to use it because it could possibly cause her to break out more. How did it affect your skin the first couple of weeks? She is only 12 and she just gets breakouts every once in a while. Im not sure if we should wait on using this product or go ahead with it. Her skin isnt bad but Im afraid if we dont act now it could be. Whats your opinion? Thanks!

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