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Still breaking out



Ok, so I know that these little bumps/comodones under my skin need to come out aka being a pimple and then heal. Some of them just rise to the surface sort of and then flake off/peel off with due to the Veltin. Last Thursday, I used a dab of the Duac and let it sit on my skin for a few hours before I went crazy because of the itching and burning. I had a feeling I would breakout from it...and I definitely did. :(That's what started this whole breakout! (plus the caffeine in chocolate). I wash my face gently with Dan's cleanser for about 30 sec or less, then while my face is still wet, I take a few cotton pads with a few drops of jojoba oil on them and just super gently rub/dab my face. It is good way of getting rid of the peeling skin and keeping my skin moisturized. I don't feel that it's too oily after if I do it while my face is wet.

The clogged pores/tiny blackheads on my cheek and chin are coming to the surface, then pop, then heal rather quickly, but it's all at different times!!! I don't mind having a breakout, as long as it doesn't continue to happen day after day...

A few days ago, I put on AHA+ all over my face (instead of just spot treating) which just precipitated the process of getting the gunk out of my skin. There are dozens of super tiny pimples that come up, but then just go away a day later. Still leaves little red marks. Actually, I think I need to stop using AHA, because anywhere I put it on my body, I get these little tiny bumps that don't have a head.

Then yesterday afternoon, I put on the dead sea mud mask, and didn't let it dry completely because my skin was already dry. I could definitely feel the salt working on the active acne!

You know what's crazy? My scars are actually healing and fading...at least people don't notice them because they now are looking at these huge red marks on my face!!! Anyways, I'm hoping that this recent breakout doesn't scar. It's taken about 5 months for the previous breakout of the DKR to finally fade, but that was much worse of a breakout, and I had cysts that were healing.

I just bought some likas papaya soap, hoping that will be better than Dan's cleanser.

Trying to be vegetarian....then vegan. It's so hard to change diet! It's not like I eat unhealthy either.

I'm also going to try to get away from makeup again, and just suck it up that peopel will see me like this. I believe a big reason why I cleared up for a time was because I wore just very light makeup. But then I bought a concealer from Jane Iredale to hide the scars. Then the only places where I apply the concealer I get these clogged pores/blackheads--> breakout now.

Bottom line, I basically don't want to go out and see anyone, but I really need to get things done. I'm skyping later. I don't want to wear makeup, but I don't know if I can humble myself again. :) Hoping this breakout passes.


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