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Who I am, What I'm doing, and Where I'm Going!



Who I am:

Hey, if you haven't read about me already, my name is Heidi and I'm a 21 year old lady :) just starting my senior year in college (WOO!). I love to hike, camp, read, sing, play piano, do creative stuff, and just feel good (sometimes that's not possible, though...haha). In the past year, I've made a change that I feel has benefited me quite a bit!

What I'm doing:

This change I made was becoming a vegetarian. In fact, on the topic of acne, my skin improved just from making the preliminary change of taking all red meats and pork out of my diet. Then, becoming a vegetarian also helped the overall feel of my skin. However, I DO still have acne....not NEEEEEAAARLY as bad as I did, though, TRUST ME (I'm sure you do, as if I'm not some random stranger on the internet or anything....:))

I found this website the summer before my sophomore year in college. I was dreading having a new roommate (I transferred schools), I wanted a new beginning, and my acne was going to hold me back, I just KNEW it. So, I tried out Dan's Regimen. It worked out...sorta. I hate BP. Can I just say that? I seriously hate it. In fact, I was addicted to it. I was afraid to get off it because I was scared that if I did, my face would explode and all hell would break loose. But...actually, I've weaned myself off of it, and already, my face is feeling less tight and painful and just all around better. Relief.

Also, on the upside, becoming a vegetarian caused me to lose (without effort) the ten pounds I've always wanted to lose. I feel WONDERFUL, physically. :dance:

This is Where I'm Going:

My face wants to be better. It told me so. Therefore, I'm going the all-naturale route. I'm a vegetarian, yeah...but sometimes I don't make the BEST choices (broccoli cheddar bread bowl @ panera 2 days a week, anyone? At 900 cals a pop, NOT a good idea, plus all the carbs, fats, etc...ew.) Those are my favorite things in the world though. So I might not be able to give up completely. Maybe I'll make my own version! Okay, I'm getting off-topic.

So, I'm going to remove all white breads from my diet, dairy will be limited, but like I said, I can't, JUST CANNOT, give cheese up entirely. Alcohol will be an issue once school starts back up. I'll have to go with not getting wasted. Not that I do anyway...:doh: Also, I don't like beer so that won't be a problem. And I LOVE wine, so that'll work out.

So, anyway, I'm doing NATURAL...ahhh. That just feels good saying it.

On a little side note, I washed my face with honey last night and this morning because I read online yesterday about so many people liking it. MY SKIN FEELS SO GOOD. Just make sure if you do this, wash it all off. I just itched my ear and found it to be very very sticky. But it tastes good! oops.

Alright, guys. I'm about to go post my before pictures in the galleria of holistic-ness.



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Hey Heidi! I think it's great that you are going the natural route. My mom was vegan for 10 years and said she had porcelain clear skin- no dairy, no butter, no meat. I go back and forth and not sure if I can take that plunge of no dairy, but I imagine I can live without meat. It's a process, but good luck!!

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ooops! I meant Heitea! :-p
Haha :clap: Yeah, the username 'Heidi' wasn't available. Hurray for clever new ways to spell my name as if Heidi wasn't hard enough for some people...But anyway, I'm almost positive total vegan is out of the question for me. Like you said, it seems like a big leap for me. It was easy to give up meat...not so much all dairy. :) Thanks for the encouragement!
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