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compulsive picking



My acne is a problem, of course, but I've realised my main issue is the recovery between my outbreaks because of my excessive blemish picking. I don't get cysts and all my pimples are relatively small with whiteheads so I'm able to squeeze them. The problem though is that my skin scabs really easily and I keep picking at that small scab to try and make it look flatter and easier to cover. What happens then is that the scab just gets reallly big and damaged and takes about a week and a half to fade. I don't know what to do. I say every morning that I won't pick today but then I see the dry skin and scabs and just think 'I'll just make it look a bit better'. By the time those scabs fade I only have a week or less before it starts again. I know I'm creating my own problems here but I just can't stop!

I'm 19 now and I've had mild to moderate acne since I first turned 16. Shouldn't it be ending now!? I'm also on a new antibiotic called erythroped (a form of erythromycin) and have been om it for 7 weeks now and there's been practically no change to the appearance of my skin! I am just so frustrated with my skin and with myself.

Mila xx


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