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day 5 drrrry but good :) and some progesterone info



skin feels rather dry today and has been really itchy yesterday and this morn , maybe still after effect of lemon lol..looks similar to yesterday. being very diligent with the regimen

and with taking zinc pills. no new big bumps anywhere..just the red dry old ones now and i tend to get tiiiiny little pimples now and then in certain places so not sure which are new and old :doh:

pretty impressed though in nearly 1 week there has been a vast improvement from big swollen red cyst like things(about 6 of them) only last sunday to all flat and flaky now :dance:

luckily im working from home so have had the opportunity to leave face open to breathe without caking with makeup and when i do apply makeup i remove as soon as im home again.

what i have noticed is that although i dont have dent like scars on face, i will be interested to see when face clears up if the current flat red marks from older pimples will clear up too. if not ill need to look into what im going to do about that along with the different grey brown shading and freckles i now have around eyes :/ wonder if makeup did that, the bp over the yrs or aaage lol, but only 27 so somehow doubt its age. the other scary thing is i swear in the last week more wrinkles are appearing under my eyes FREAK OUT!! maybe i should start adding wrinkle cream to my regimen :)

all i can say is trying all this stuff is pretty expensive overall so hoping there will be great results for money spent. and cant wait till tues to see added results from progesterone cream. this far though Id definately reccomend to all doing regimen exactly as dan has suggested.ive been using all these products for yrs in a different way with no results and this week doing it just right ive had best results out!! so chins up people... this stuff works :dance: stick it out. been reading other posts and some people only have desired results in like 6 months...patience and commitment i say :dance: for ladies interested in progesterone cream... heres a link for the product i will be starting next week.. will keep u posted on the results... anything hormonal i find interesting as i couldnt go on pill... became a bit crazeee :) hehe so i am keen to see if this will work. chow for now.... http://www.compounding.co.za/bioidenticalh...one%20Cream.pdf


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