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Day 11 on Accutane



So I'm on day 11 of taking Accutane (40mg in the morning) and to be honest things are going well. I'm not suffering from any major side effects - my lips are slightly dry but nothing regular Vaseline applications isn't sorting out. They don't hurt at all and there's no cracking with them - maybe coz I obsess over the Vaseline! My nose isn't dry and my skin isn't too bad. I'm moisturising at night-time though religiously!

Yesterday I squeezed a few blackheads and noticed that my face swelled up - as if I'd been bitten by an insect, and it looked really fragile so I don't think I'll be doing that again!! My facial skin is ever so slightly peeling (as if I have sunburn) but nothing I can't handle. My Clinique regime seems to get rid of the dead skin cells really well, so I will continue on that for the time being.

As regards spots - I have two HUGE MASSIVE 'lighthouse' looking one's on my chin. They are completely taking over my face and hurt like mad. Totally uncoverable - I look like I have a growth attached to me! One is bigger than the other and they are on the end of my chin so I look like a witch. I'm guessing this could be part of the IB but as I'm on steroids the doctor said it shouldn't hit me. Ah well, guess I'll just have to ride through the storm.

I was looking at pictures on my phone last night of when the Pyoderma Faciale hit me a couple of months ago, and I can see so much of an improvement in the bumps and nodules, however now what I'm left with is so much scarring, which I don't think Accutane will improve. Oh to be able to go around the house or down to the shops without a shovel full of make-up on - that would be my dream come true. Whenever someone knocks at the door unexpectidely and I haven't got my makeup on, my heart jumps 10,000 beats and its horrible - so unfair in my own home, but I can't help it.



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