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Day 28 - Time is a healer?



My face is slightly less angry today. Or perhaps I've gotten used to how it looks? Who knows!

But lips are certainly better. I've stopped using Carmex as I think it was making them peel. Now alternating between some manuka honey balm and blistex cream.

I have dry skin where spots used to be which is begging to be pickedand aggravated. Trying my best to ignore...

I had a relaxing bath last night and a gentle face mask and face massage with Simple moisturiser - a richer version. It seems to be helping the dryness and flakyness but it's still very dry. I also have a sore at the side of my mouth which is just delightfully attractive. It keeps splitting because of where it is and it's taking ages to heal.

When I see my derm next friday I'm going to seek advice on the face dryness and the lips, and of course the breakout. I suspect they will just tell me to ride it out "it gets worse before it gets better". I'm going to try not to breakdown and cry as I'm worried they will take me off it due to fears of depression.

I'm back in the place where I keep saying WHY CAN'T I JUST HAVE NORMAL BLOODY SKIN! My skin definitely hasn't been this bad since I started breaking out like bad and first went on Tetrasyl. And I stayed off work during that time because I had huge cysts which were just impossible to conceal.

I wish I could find out the cause of this - it must be from those years of being on the implanton. I am never going on such an invasive contraception again!

Hoping everyday gets easier



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