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Day 2



Well, its day 2 on Spiro, and thankfully no immediate adverse reactions. I'm on 25 milligrams 2x/day, 50m total for the first 10 days, then its up to 100. I know I won't be seeing any effects for a good while, but I at least feel like I'm doing something. The thought of being free & clear by mid-November is pretty much what gets me through the day. Going through a breakout right now, but even though it sucks, I'm not as depressed about it because its only a matter of time until I don't have to worry about this crap anymore. Even if the Spiro isn't as effective as I'm hoping, I still have 2 options; combine Spiro with a BCP to increase the results OR if all else fails, a good long course of Accutane with a Spiro regimen afterwards to prevent the acne from returning. BUT hopefully I won't have to worry about acne too much anymore here in a few months :)


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