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Accutane Day 50



Pill #50 tonight.

Can't believe I've already been on this for 50 days!! So, progress report:

Today, skin still looks terrible but it seems to be healing?? (Knock on wood). Last night, I popped two little whiteheads - one that's been sitting on my right cheek for awhile and one that grew on my right temple near the hairline a couple days ago. Otherwise, no new developments!! Thank God. All I have to contend with right now are big splotchy red marks/scabs on my cheeks and along my jawline. It's difficult to cover up completely, but certainly better than lots of pimples.

I do still feel some little pustules still waiting to emerge in the lower portion of my face surrounding my chin and along my right jawline - and I can see them - a lot of little white bumps. I'm kind of surprised that these haven't gone away yet - the little tiny white pin-sized bumps. They haven't budged at all since I started the treatment. Praying that they just go away without a massive red nasty breakout.

Forehead, nose, upper lip, and chin continue clear with just a few blackheads and large pores. The skin on my upper lip and right under my lower lip feel scaly as they have from the beginning.

Also, I've started using new products to care for the skin which I really, really like so far! I went to Sephora for help and they directed me to the First Aid Beauty brand. It's really soothing, absorbs easily and isn't greasy. I also am now using Bare Escentuals mineral makeup - which is great stuff.

So, feeling much more positive about this today! Though rereading my posts, seems that this seems to fluctuate a lot - big breakout, massive popping fest, quick healing, optimism that no more breakouts will occur, then another big breakout, massive popping fest, etc. etc. And so it continues.

Must remember to avoid picking as much as possible. It's just making the skin look worse even if it is satisfying in the short-term.


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