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what is wrong with me?



so i woke up early to exercise and get breakfast before work. and i ended up squeezing my face. am i an absolute idiot? what is wrong with me? i worked last night and my skin didnt look too bad. and now it looks terrible. people know what i do. they know i squeeze and pick and it is so embarassing. now i have to go to work and look terrible. i am such an idiot. my face is all puffy and red and i cannot hide what i did. i seriously have not gone one day since like january without squeezing anything. i also picked my arms and i have a wedding that i am in in 2 weeks. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? why cant i stop???? it is so ridiculous now its not even funny. i am going to have to pile on more makeup and look stupid and it will probably cause more breakouts. i am an idiot and i am so mad at myself.


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