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day 3 and progress already :)



so its day 3 that ive been on the regimen and already my big cyst like acne has all flattened out :) red still yes dry yes, but much better !!

I have been suffering with acne since I was 12. sadly discovered make up then so dont think anyones seen me in public without a decent coat of foundation since i was about 13, yes even at school :/ now 27, thats alot of bad habit to break! ive been to derms, been on pills, tried everyface wash etc... in fact i have been using what dan reccomends for over 2 yrs, however i incorporated into that bad patterns like picking my face ( which just spreads everything), not doing regimen twice a day, giving up and on days not cleaning properly etc....

after past 2 weeks of a terrrible break out and bad picking habits I have decided thats it, if theres any hope Im sure gonna find it. so I stumbled across the site and have found it amazingly useful . people who just share their stories etc... its like a real support group... well done guys for opening your lives and heartaches to so many others :)

acne has affected me for so many yrs, It has always given me a low self esteem and ive let it hold me back from things like swimming,camping etc.... as i never wanna be without makeup in public!who worries when they need to go to hospital who will see them without base!! yup me...been a massive fear. but i can tell you after reading all these topics and success stories, for the first time ever i actually think maybe just maybe there is hope for me yet to leave the house make up free :doh: so from suggestions on this site i have been using:

cetaphilface wash

bp gel

cetaphil moisturizer

juuust started zinc tablets today(2 per day)

aaand on day 10 of cycle will be starting with solal progesterone cream till 25th day of cycle

also thinking of using lemon juice, currently have 2 slices in my 1.5 litre bottle of water which im drinking daily.

not quuuite brave enough to post pics just yet but i have my before ones ready for when face is clearer and will then do so. im excited for this journey and so glad i get to share it and learn from so many others which battle with this horrible thing called acne... so its only day 3 but already improvements... pretty exciting. any advise along way will be awesome.... :dance:


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