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Day 27 The breakout arrives



This is hell.

My face looks like its been through a hedge backwards. I've got sores from spots just everywhere but especially around mouth and lips - they are taking ages to heal. Spots erupting all over the shop which are sore and horrible.

Even where spots clear up the dry flaky skin which is patchy and red, its just as unsightly as the spot it left behind.

Very bad :)

Lips are flaky and dry and I can't find anything to help. I don't know how much worse this will get, I dont know how bad I can cope with it getting. I'm giving serious thought to taking time off work as I just look horrific. I can see peoples eyes go to the parts of my face where the breakouts are and I just want to run away.

How long is this going to last??


Hi!Aquaphor Healing Ointment is amazing!! People must think I am working on commission for this stuff, as I've told 3-4 other people already!Honestly, order it from Amazon (its from the USA) and it comes in different sizes but lasts ages! It stays on a lot longer than vaseline and it seems to aid peeling skin straight away. My lips also go really tight and shiny especially in the mornings so its a good relief to slap some of this on!You can also use it for any areas of skin on your face before you go to bed and when you wake up its a lot better.Think my tub of Aquaphor was £16 but that was with £5 shipping. There are smaller tubes if you want!x

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Thank u so much :)I've seen everyone referring ot this product in blogs and was unsure what it was or if just US?I'm on amazon now. Theres a lip one or general healing ointment - does everyone use the ointment on the lips too or just dry skin?yeah I've the same problem with tight shiny lips excessive heeling and cracked corners.now it's just cracked corners which are driving me mad with pain!Thanks again really appreciate the suggestion. xxx

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