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One month.



Hey, you guys! <3 Long time, no update, huh? :[ But I have things to share with you- happy things.

Today, I visited my dermatologist for my monthly consultation, to see how everything's going, to get a new prescription, etc...

I'm SO happy and GRATEFUL to say I'm not anywhere I was about a week and a half ago. My skin has cleared up almost entirely! To the point where I didn't take accutane for the last 4 days (I ran out of pills) and didn't get a single zit. My skin just healed in those 4 days, and right now I only have 2 pimples on the side of my face as of right now that I can simply cover up with some concealer. When I told her about this, she told me I must've already gotten my initial breakout. I didn't even notice it, and I'm already done with the worst part in all of this. And if my acne were to get worse from here on out, she'd actually be surprised. My blood's normal, and my body is holding up well. Miracle drug it is indeed. <3

I know I shouldn't be getting this excited, as it is only the first month, but you can actually see what my face looks like now without getting distracted by anything else on it.

My scars are all still mostly there, many turning bright red, but to cover them up I use MAC studio finish concealer (which has SPF 35, bonus! [: ) and Too Faced Amazing Face SPF 15 powder foundation to set it. The concealer doesn't accentuate the flakiness at all, and the powder foundation is so sheer and soft, that it hardly looks like you have anything on. Like it's airbrushed. Neither of these two products are breaking me out as I have been using them at least 3 times a week.

Other than that, all my blackheads, yeah. GONE. Oh my goodness, but now you can actually see how large the pores on my nose are. Lord, help me. I purchased the Benefit Cosmetics "the porefessional" about a year ago, and I think I'm going to try that out and see if it breaks me out. It's supposed to be a pore filler that won't break you out, but I have my doubts... :/ Going to test it out sometime this week!

Less than a week ago, I also got my eyebrows and upper lip threaded for the first time since starting accutane. No issues there. No more pain than usual.(;

My lips and face aren't too dry anymore. Not tight, not flaking like they used to. My hair has become really dry though.

One pill in the morning, and one at night. I don't notice anything else.

We'll see where I go from here!


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