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lookin' up



I took a couple days off for my skin to calm down post sunburn. best. decision. ever! I now feel like my skin is now acting like it should be at the beginning stages of BP (still not the most awesome but definitely a few steps up from the misery it was) my skin isn't really flaky anymore. just pretty rough, like sandpaper. the redness is subsiding from previous acne. Little mini whiteheads will pop up on my cheeks, a few a day, but those I can handle. Pretty sure the BP is pulling up all the old dirt under my skin and getting rid of it now, making some small acne in the process... but whatever it needs to do to clear it on up! another note of interest... I haven't worn makeup for a week! and I've realized that I really don't need it. I'll put concealer around my eyes since I have naturally dark circles around the eyes (Thanks, Mom) and some mascara and I'm good to go. Soooo much easier and less stress! anyway... things are looking up! I'm now just anxious for the BP and my skin to be comfortable with each other.. this sandpaper feeling is getting old real fast.


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