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Week 7, Day 50 - Dermatologist Visit



So I went to the Dermatologist today and he went hardcore extracting my deep pimples. It was so painful but for some reason I just breathe thru the process. Despite the pain I feel that I am going to have to go back tomorrow for another session I know my face and I know when a pimple has been properly extracted. But we will see.

The doctor mentioned that I have extremely deep and stubborn pimples and though they may look shallow, they usually form quite deep under the surface of my skin.

He also mentioned that my facial skin is quite dry and he will not be increasing my Accutane dose. This is good to hear since 80mg daily for moderate to mild acne - is a very high dosage. He is also putting me on low dose Vitamin A cream 0.025%. To get rid of the small whiteheads which I can't see but if he sees it - I believe it.


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