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Day 8 - Accutane



So I'm on day 8 of Accutane (40mg in the morning) and I think the side effects are starting to kick in. I've got a couple of spots cropped up on my face - one on my chin which my lovely mother describes as a 'blind spot', as it bloody kills and won't be squeezed. These are the worst and they really stick out. They last about a month usually but I'm hoping the Accutane will speed up the process of it hanging around - very optimistic I know!

As regards my lips, they are starting to dry out slightly; I'm putting Vasaline on throughout the day and they're not too bad at the moment, but I have a feeling its only just the beginning. My face is also starting to dry out slightly - I took a peep in the mirror before I left work this evening and I had patches on my face where my skin had slightly broken - as if I'd been sunburnt. Its not too bad and I can't wait to get a shower and have a good moisturise, I'm sure that will help. I had a delivery come today from The Body Shop as thought I'd stock up on some treats - a Vitamin E facemask (to try and aid the recovery of my scarring!), some moisturisers and a good shower cream. If I've gotta be on this nasty pasty drug I may as well treat myself a bit!

So all in all, a long way to go yet but I'm excited to get to the end. I've been looking at laser treatments and dermabrasian for after my treatment to get rid of the scarring, and have found a place about 18 miles away that does this. I'm secretly hoping I won't need it after treatment, and I know I will have to wait a while anyway, but I'm trying to remain positive for as clear a face as possible one day. Does anyone know if this sort of treatment is available on the NHS? I've heard they will only do certain 'procedures' if it causes 'severe psychological distress to the patient' - show me an acne sufferer with scarring that isn't traumatised, because I bet you will be hard pushed to find one!! At least with any other scarring it can be hidden, but on your face its there for all to see.

Pyoderma Faciale really stinks and I hope it doesn't scar too much.

Me x


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