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The Beginning. Day 1



Alright, so like everyone else I've created this blog to give you a detailed experience of my Accutane course. Hoping that this will help others already on or thinking about trying Accutane. I'll give you a little background on my personal condition.

I've been struggling with acne since about 6th grade, it started with just a few bumps and at the time i didn't even know what it was, and didn't really care until another kid made fun of me because of it. Since then its been a constant battle. It got worse in high school and I became very shy. I avoided joining things because i just wanted to get to school do my classes and go home at lunch to fix my makeup and go back to finish the afternoon. I've given up swimming and basically anything that involves ruining my makeup. I hate having to wear it all the time especially with oily skin i defiantly don't get the luxury of less is more. Anyways between when I first got acne to now I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. From any and all over the counter products, to prescriptions both topical and oral, even the healthy, strict diet, cleanse approach and still nothing.

I'm 20 around 110 pounds with cystic acne everywhere. I used to have it pretty bad on my back and chest but that has calmed down over the past few years, but my facial acne has only gotten worse! Especially in the last few months I get so many new breakouts every day and it takes forever to heal, and if that wasn't bad enough already, I scar so easily! I never wanted to get put on Accutane. I've read so many things about it and it scares the shit out of me, but I'm so sick of this acne and just want to live my life, and be happy. So reluctantly I agreed to try it.

To my surprise it wasn't hard to get. I didn't have to see a derm to get it, and i didn't have to be on BC for a month before. I got my blood test done in the morning then called my doctors office and set up an appointment for the next day, went in she gave me the prescription for 10mg of accutane (she wanted to start me low because of my weight) and yaz. Then i went straight to my pharmacy and picked it up. I don't have a health plan but lucky I live in Canada so it was completely covered. I did have to pay $15 for BC but that's nothing.

So that leads me to now, I just took my first pill now lets see how this goes.

(Quick Recap- I'm a 20 year old female with really oily dry skin(If that makes sense) lots of cystic acne especially on my cheeks and chin and at the moment probably over 60% of my skin is red and inflamed, hurts to talk, hurts so much to smile or even touch my skin )


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