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75 Days after Accutane!



Sorry for the delay in updating....my mom has been in the hospital, in ICU, for almost a month. I have been preoccupied with caring for her and my Dad, so updating became a low priority.

So, my skin looks great. I have gotten a few blackheads, but I also think some of this is caused by my being off of my routine with caring for my Mom and trying to work and keep it all together. I haven't been exfoliating any, so I think this is to be expected. I will keep you posted as to whether or not this resolves, gets worse or stays the same.

My joint pain seems to be getting better. I am 47, and do have some knee problems, but overall am pretty healthy. I had pretty severe joint pain while on Accutane and this seems to be the last side effect to resolve for me.

Best to you all!


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