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Day 120 of 143 (week 17 of 20) 84%



It is Monday evening on the 15th of August 2011.

I had my blood test today after coming back from South America (a fantastic trip btw) and I have an appointment with my dermatologist tomorrow. Not long to go now only a few more weeks! Since being on the 20mg dose due to being away my side effects have improved a lot regarding my lips. They are basically fine, a little red on the corner of my left side but apart from that they are now fine! However I do expect tomorrow to be put back on a higher dose for the remaining weeks. My acne has improved a fair bit actually on my back, still very much there but no where near as angry as it once was. I would give it a 4/10 now on my back when at it's worse looking back at the pictures and my memories I would say it was at a 9/10...So it's still got a way to go but nothing like what it once was. I can remember not being able to turn my neck because it hurt so much and even sometimes it being incredibly painful to put on a shirt...hopefully those days are long gone. The acne on my neck has vastly improved too, I saw some pictures of me which were taken six months ago and the improvement is vast! I don't have acne on my neck anymore just faint purple marks which will hopefully fade in time. Well hopefully I have had my last blood test on this and this will be the last appointment I will need to be prescribed, but then again you never know... :)


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