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Day 1!



I am picking up my prescription today! For the last year my regimen has been:

-Cetaphil face wash twice a day

-Metrogel and 100 mg. minocycline in the AM

-Finacea and 100 mg. minocycline in the PM

-I've experimented with many different moisturizers, but like plain aloe the best since it's the only thing that doesn't make me break out.

Moving forward I will be taking 60 mg/ day for one month and will hopefully move up to 80 mg/ day for the remainder of my five month course. I am 5'5" and 120 lbs. My dermatologist told me to discontinue Minocycline since it can cause adverse reactions when taken with Accutane, but to continue using Finacea and Metrogel for as long as my skin will tolerate it. I've stopped taking B5 and my multivitamin, but will continue taking flax seed oil every day and will start a probiotic. I am also going to be very careful with my diet because I know a low G.I., low carb diet keeps my acne less inflamed.

Although I am very nervous about side effects and the initial breakout, I am so ready to get this going and am looking forward to the day when my skin issues don't rule my life!!


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