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Accutane Day 48



Pill #48 tonight.

So, current status: Forehead clear except for some redmarks left over from the pimples I've popped. Nose, upper lip, and chin surrounding my nose remain clear except for large pores and blackheads. I can still squeeze out a little bit of white gunk but definitely decreased. Temples remain clear and I've noticed that even when I get a pimple there, it dries up over night. Left cheek still in horrible condition, but no new breakouts. Scabs and redmarks just healing. There are still a few white pustules around the lower part near my chin, so I don't think I've seen the last of the breakouts here. Right cheek is still in very bad shape. Scabs and redmarks are slowly healing - particularly concentrated around the apple of the cheek and along the jawline. I don't think I've seen the last of breakouts here either since there are many small white pustules along the jaw. Popped one that had turned into a whitehead last night. Wish I hadn't tried to remove stuff from under the skin near the apple of my right cheek - as mentioned before, I'd gotten the stuff out and it's healing, but I have a massive red bruise/scab from where I disrupted the skin. Bleh.

I'm trying to be good about not picking because at this point I don't think it's doing any good to pick - just making things worse - the skin bruises so easily. Please start to clear up soon!!!! I'm losing hope and wondering if I should just go off this stuff. My skin has never been so bad.


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