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Days 6 and 7



'skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests

Well I'm definitely having a storm at the moment, I wont be trying the gentle approach with my skin again. The day after I could just feel how much it needed to be exfoliated it was horrible.

The weekends are always hard work for me, lots of long nights and not much time off I barely sleep until Monday which wont be helping at all.

The pick count for the last two days is rather low I think I've only squeezed one whitehead and only picked a little although I have felt the urge to I have resisted in most cases.

My spot count is very very high though, higher than ever before I have some cystic bumps, a crop of whiteheads and hundreds of yet to mature little bumps. It's disgusting, I'm so self conscious even though other people have told me it's not as noticeable as I think... I do wonder sometimes if I'm being told the truth though.

I'm just really hoping that this is a sign that the B5 is working and hopefully it'll clear up soon.

Ha ha, I just read back the last post. No I did not finish cleaning my room, not even close.

My food is much better though am getting at least five a day and Saturdays are my super healthy days because I have a graze box for lunch if you haven't heard of graze google it, they are amazing you get a box full of healthy snacks sent to you (I get it sent to work) and it's really yummy. If anyone is interested I have a voucher code you can use to get a free box just message me or reply to this and I'll pass it on.


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