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Day 1



I figure I should probably begin by giving you a description of my acne, but i honestly don't know how. My Acne has never been severe severe. I don't get large pimples often, but the whiteheads have simple always been there. always. And I've become fed up. I've tried proactiv, vitamins, every topical ointment on the shelf, dermatologist prescribed ointments and still no real change. I've never been on accutane or any other drug and I never plan to start because the medical risks make me uncomfortable.

Anyways, my problem spots are mainly my chin, middle of my cheeks, and the sides of my forehead. Every now and then they will take a mini vacation from terrorizing my face but they always come back. So I finally decided what the hell and ordered the acne.org treatment. I use a simple cleanser and simple moisturizer so i found no reason to switch those.

So far, after using the treatment twice today, I feel clear skin just might be in my future. The BP was not too hard on my skin and it spread evenly and was absorbed within minutes of application. My first observation was that within a few hours, my whiteheads actually began popping themselves. It was as if the treatment was digging around inside and yanking all the bad stuff to the surface for a clean sweep. I've experienced no redness or dryness yet but I will continue to apply a generous amount of moisturizer just in case.

So far so good. My goal is to clean up my face before college starts. I'll be an incoming freshman and while it's not CRUCIAL for me to have a spotless face it sure would be nice. I don't really fancy makeup and it might be interesting to start this new chapter in my life with pimple free skin.

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I wish you best of luck on this! I've started my own little journey too with darn acne that keeps persisting after all these years!

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