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Update on derm regimen



I felt so proud of myself for washing off my makeup when my boyfriend was here for three weeks. Not once did I sleep with makeup on. I was tempted to never let him see me without makeup, but i knew that would lead to more breakouts... :doh:(

Last night, I couldn't stand the little tiny bumps (that would eventually turn into pimples) on my jawline/around my mouth, so I dabbed little blobs of AHA+ after applying the Veltin a few hours before. This morning, they were nice tiny non-inlfamed little white heads that just disappeared after I washed my face.

I dabbed a teeny tiny bit of Duac this morning on the active pimples-mainly around my chin, and as the time has passed my skin has become itchier and itchier and more red. I took pictures although I think it doesn't do justice. I don't care if this is supposed to be a side effect, I won't use it. I actually have mixed feelings about BP. It seems strange that I could use it for years (proactiv during high school) but now my skin has had enough.

So...because I can't stand my skin feeling like this and don't want to increase more inflammation, I won't use the Duac. I had a dream my derm called me and asked me how it was working out. Strange right? lol

I'm thinking about washing fash with either sea salt water or water+ACV. The Veltin is making my skin peely and a little pink, but it's not dry, flaky, and cracking like while on the DKR. I'm not sure how much more peely or red it will get. At least I know I'm not having an allergic reaction to it.

I'm thinking of just eating certain nuts, fruits, and vegetables for the next moth or two. I've been having a hard time digesting fatty/greasy food, and it seems like my whole body just feels conjected, inflamed, and heavy after I eat cheese.... :)( I don't know if I could be completely vegan. I don't want to eat soy either because most of it is genetically reconstituted. We will see how my body does with the sugar in fuirt. It's natural right?


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