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Starting Accutane in the next few days!



I'm very excited (and nervous) to be starting Accutane either today or Monday and since I have relied on this website for several years for advice and ideas and inspiration, I decided to create a blog about my experience and hopefully it will be helpful to someone else!

My struggle with acne began when I was 27, four years ago, and it came in the form of cystic acne on my chin and acne rosacea. The cysts were quite large and would throb and last for weeks, then leave a purple scar for 6-12 months, and on occasion, a dented scar. I was initially put on Doxy, started using the Nuvaring, as well as Finacea and Metrogel. This actually worked quite well for over a year, but when I had to go off the Nuvaring for other health reasons, my acne came back, although not in the cystic form. Then I started getting terrible burns on my hands after only spending a few minutes in the sun (and I have a dark complexion so this was really strange!) and found out that I was having phototoxic reaction to the Doxy, so I went off that and switched to Mino, which never really worked and my cystic acne came back. I wanted to do everything I possibly could before I resorted to Accutane, so I modified my diet and tried low G.I., gluten-free, dairy-free, and at one point, even excluded grains and fruit. I will say that the diet modifications reduced the size of my pimples, but it never eliminated them. I also tried acupuncture and chinese herbs, experimented with various supplements and essential oils, and tried mega-dosing on B-5, and none of them helped.

As most people on this site know, acne can have a very detrimental effect on your life, and because of this, I have decided to start Accutane. If anyone has advice for me to avoid the initial outbreak, I would really appreciate it! I am starting on 60 mg/ day, so I am anticipating an IB, but I am going to do my best to stay positive! Thanks for reading!


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