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Feeling hopeless

Garret Jones1


Someone please help me out here!! I used to have great facial skin( very mild acne, no dryness, no oiliness). My mom got me proactive and for a year it worked great until I overused it and dried my skin out very badly. I noticed as my face got really dry and irritated, it also got very oily. Also, it would be dry to the point where it hurt to smile and my eyebrows would constantly flake and fall out. I stopped using proactive then and used some mild stuff. While some dryness went away, not all of it did. It's been almost a year now since I really dried my face out band I don't know what to do. My face still feels dry, it is still oily, and my eyebrows still flake. If I go 5 days without washing I will get an abidance of oil and dead skin in my t zone mainly which isn't normal. I don't really have problems with sits, just my skin texture and type. I can't afford a derm now and I don't know what to do. Even when I quit washing and just used moisturizer for a whole month, it was still somewhat dry and itchy. I researched the symptoms and found something called seborrheic dermatitis but idk if this is what it really is. I mean I now have oily, rough, irritated, and flaky skin( t zone mainly). I have cortisone. Reams at home but don't wanna put them on and mess up my face even more if it is not seb derm. I mean there isno rash but it is stil itchy and irritated and my eyebrows are still flaking after stopping harsh soaps. My skin was never oily or dry until I over washed my face now I'm so pissed at myself. Ive read that people on the caveman regimin notice lots of oil and dead skin buildup but the flaky and peeling eyebrows concerns me. So basically all the symptoms of the caveman regimen are similar to what I have except the eyebrows and continual dryness. The caveman routine doesn't cure the dryness, if anything it makes it worse. Thesis the reason I'm thinking it could be seb derm Someone please help!!

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