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Day 1 on roaccutane



Hi everyone,

I have read numerous accutane blogs on here that have helped me tremendously in deciding what to do about my acne, so I thought I would now start one of my own.

So a little back story- I'm 24, 6ft 3in, live in london and have had mild acne since I was about 13. Over the years I have been on all the usual stuff, antibiotics, prescription topicals, over the counter stuff etc etc. Some made my skin worse, some did nothing, some cleared it up a little but lost efficiency of time. The only thing I have used which has made me 90% clear consistently is Dan's regimen of lots of Benzoyl Peroxide.I have followed this for about a year, and to any normal person looking at me my skin would look clear, I'd get the occasional inflamed blemish but that was it. However it did nothing for my non-inflamatory acne, my t-zone would still be covered in blackheads and blocked pores, and my skin still excessively oily. This is the strange part, I would say I have probably the oiliest skin possible, I've had friends with quite severe acne whose skin is not as oily as mine, yet my acne is only mild. Why that is I don't know.

Anyway the fact that the Dan's regimen takes so much time morning and night, is expensive in long term (especially for me living in UK) makes skin very irritated and dry and at the end of the day is just suppressing my acne, not curing it, I decided to see my derm about accutane. I've done a lot of research and know the drug inside out, which is probably why it has taken my so long so get on it, having read all the horror stories. To cut a long story short he has prescribed me accutane today, surprising easily actually. He said he would never normally prescribe it for such a mild case, but as I have been of everything else and know the risk/ side effects involved, it is basically up to me. The great thing is being in the UK on the NHS I paid £7.40 for a supply that will last 4.5months if I take 20mg a day.

Right, I realise I am going on a bit, so will get to the point of my blog. I basically am undecided as to what dose I am going to take. As I said the doctor said I can take any dose I want (maximum 60 per day) provided I reach the cumulative dosage. I am going to start with 20mg a day and see how that goes, but what does everyone else think? I am worried by a few of the side effects, namely hair loss and the dreaded initial breakout. Do you guys think I should start lower than 20mg, and should I stay low throughout and just prolong the duration, or start low and work my way up to 60mg a day. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Anyway I will track my progress on here and report on side effects etc. Any questions just ask.



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