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Day 5 Post Salicylic Acid Peel 20%



GRRR. I know that patience is key, but my face looks like a pepperoni pizza.

Re-starting my antibiotics from scratch, plus the salicylic acid peel 20% is purging EVERYTHING all at one go. I have red marks everywhere. My face has never looked so blotchy....I just hope that the "live" acne dies down and heals so I can start covering up the blotchiness with makeup! I do not mind makeup when my skin is smooth, but applying it when your skin has bumps just looks so gross in my opinion...even worse than just leaving it uncovered...

The days following the SA peel, I had a few (3-4) pimples surface. Salicylic acid is an exfoliant so this is expected. I even got a honkin biggun on my forehead and I NEVER get them on my forehead. When I applied the SA acid to my white heads, it dried it up and took the itchiness that is all too characteristic of those white buggers....It dried up and eventually fell off on its own accord the next day...leaving a slightly smooth and rosy pink spot. I thought that was pretty neat... :doh::)

Somebody wanted to know if salicylic acid peels helped with milia (the skin coloured bumps) on my forehead --unfortunately, it did not...I still have them. But those baby bumps are the least of my worries!!!!

No picture will be posted because my face is just that bad right now....It was worse than the previous pictures I posted on Day 1...HOWEVER I have no "live" pimples right now...They are all in the stage of dying down THANK GOD!!

I guess I am going to need to stock up on some make-up before heading back to university. Which sucks, because I am no pro at applying makeup.


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