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Questionable improvement



Last night I tried the Veltin my derm prescribed me. This morning, my skin had a little pink hue to it, and I saw the tiny bumps I had under either dry out or come to a tiny whitehead (which I don't mind because it needs to get out somehow!) They were small enough that they somehow popped when I washed my face (yeah its gross sorry).

My derm said to put the Duac on on the morning, but I didn't want to risk it today. I tested it on a zit on my back, and in one spot my back was itchy all day. I didn't think about it being the duac until I came home and took of my shirt. I put it on a few small pimples on my chest, and there's a hive/light rash where I applied it. I'm questioning whether to put it on my face....

I had such a bad reaction and actually burned my skin with Dan's BP. I wish I could use it. It dries out pimples so fast and really gets rid of acne...but my skin is just to sensitive for it now. My mom said that she used BP washes a lot, and then developed an intolerance to it.

I'm wondering if to call my derm and ask for a different perscription, since I may cause more inflammation and acne using the Duac. Otherwise, the pimples that seemed super huge are drying out and flattening...just from one use.

I'm still optimistic. Actually I'm determined to get clear. I can't have laser therapy to treat the scars if I'm not at least improved. Any advice, for those who read this? thanks...


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