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Veteran Status - yay!



Woot! I have fulfilled the criteria for veteran status on the boards today, that makes me happy :doh:

So in celebration, update for myself..

I don't remember what I talked about last time so I might be repeating myself. I have successfully integrated AHA+ into my Regimen - I use it every night now, and it has majorly cleared up my face as well as made it look radiant and smooth and soft. In the morning I still use the moisturizer, but I only need 2 pumps and 2-3 drops of jojoba oil and I'm smooth all day, no flakes.

For a week or two I actually purged due to the AHA+ addition - I had cystic acne, which I've never had before, and even some whiteheads on my forehead which I don't get forehead acne. And then it disappeared and everything was peachy. And still is!

Although I have 2 nasty bugbites on my problem cheek so it's kind of making it look like I have these weird inflamed pimples, but they're actually spider bites.

So now all that's left is a one or two very small pimples that are not a bother at all, and a lot of red marks on my problem side (my good side (left) has been clear for about 2 weeks except for one pimple, so all but one red mark cleared up already). Basically just waiting for my red spots to go away.

I'm excited because I cleared right around my period, and usually I get twice as bad around my period, so something must be going right~

I'm so excited to reach veteran status on the boards. I love posting - and I never posted anywhere before acne.org - and I feel like I might actually be helping people. Even if it's just one person I'd feel so special :)

Adios! (10 weeks and 6 days)

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Hi Cocobo - thanks for posting about your experience getting frustrated but sticking with it. I'm just a week in and thought about stopping because it seems to burn when I put the moisturizer on after the BP (both acne.org products), but I just slathered on some jojoba oil and it feels a ton better. I'm hoping I can stick with it as long as you have, clear skin is worth it! I'm also looking forward to integrating the AHA+ into the process, but i'm going to wait a few months for that.

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