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Day 3 on Accutane




So I've took my third day of Accutane today (40mg OD) and so far no change - as if I expected there would be!!

No dryness as yet although keep popping the Vaseline on my lips and up my nose to try and keep it at bay. Am waiting for it though, I know its coming!!

No side effects as yet, apart from not being able to sleep last night. Although think that has something to do with the stress the ex keeps putting me under!!

Am going away this weekend and am really apprehensive as have loads of red marks on my face and am paranoid to show it without any makeup - I always wear a thick face of it in front of friends/boyfriend, but will obviously have to see them once I get out the shower unless I put a bag over my head!! Does anyone have any safe tips to try and reduce redness from spots whilst on Accutane, and also how long do these red marks last? I've trailed the internet but don't seem to be getting many answers, other than quick fix creams which I doubt will make a difference!!

I use solely Clinique - Antiblemish Solutions pump wash, toner and moisturiser, and have added the 'Dark Spot Correcter' to my regime but am skeptical as to whether it will do anything! I will probably have to change to a better moisturiser from the range once the dryness kicks in, but that's not a problem. I just don't wanna change yet and get more spots.

Anyways, get in touch if you fancy throwing me a few tips.



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