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DAY 35: In hiding - low self confidence...



I mentioned yesterday that my acne has gone much worse, and after mulling it over I realized that I had been eating a lot of meat and more oily/fried food recently. Unfortunately, it wasn't something I could avoid, given that Chinese family members like to put stuff on my plate and expect me to eat it. (You can't decline, it'd be rude!)

So I'm going back to my vegetarian diet again. Hopefully there won't be dinners that force me to eat things I'd rather not.

Also, while I list that I use mineral foundation as my makeup, the reality is that tend not to use makeup at all so I can leave my skin bare and clean. Although I have been using mineral blush from Alima pure.

Today however, since I'll be seeing friends for dinner, I hid my acne under a bit of (more like a lot of) makeup today - in fact I'm using a BB Cream called Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream. The LONG ingredient list would seem horrendous to most acne prone users, given that it's got silicones, hydrogenated stuff, isopropyl compounds, and oil, but it covers well for me. I also used my mineral foundation on top to set the BB cream and further even out my skintone, as well as use blush to give back a healthy glow. All in all, my face looks a lot better. Since I hadn't worn full coverage foundation/makeup recently it was really surprising to see how my face looked like without acne. It's a really strange feeling - I have nice facial features, but I felt that when I was looking in the mirror my acne overshadowed those features and all I saw at the end was an ugly face.

It really sucks though, to feel ugly unless I'm wearing a mask of makeup.


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