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forty six.



so I'm about six and a half weeks into accutane. balls balls balls it is so annoying right now. my neck is freaking out! like huge cysts on my neck. i thought they were swollen lymph nodes at first, that's how big they are. my face is doing better. my left side (which is usually more broken out) is pretty much healed except for a dreadful amount of flat red marks. my skin is smooth where it's not broken out! so weird. my right side of the face is all broken out but at least it's healing. i can't wait for my next dr appt. it's how time passes in all honesty. let's see if this shit will finally leave me be and then i can focus on just being myself! and not worrying about getting splashed in the pool so my makeup doesn't run kind of thing. one dayyy.

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Great Blog! Your acne sounds exactly like mine!! What cetaphil wash is it you use? I am from England and there is only 1 available to buy here x

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