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day 3..healing



When I woke up for work today at 6 am..you bet the first thought that crossed my mind was "how the hell am i going to make myself presentable today?" Well. It was ok, I suppose. but i tried to hide in the back as much as i could. DOing dishes and stuff. I felt a sore spot on my cheek when i was at work and I couldn't wait to get home and investigate it and plan my attack. I also produced a nasty whitehead under my lip. and i poped both of them which escalated into squeezing all of them...I at least have 20 on my cheeks at the moment. that seems to be where they like to pop up these days. And along the jawline too. Which sucks, because that was probably one of the most appealing parts of my stupid ugly face. Ok. I hope my face is healed by friday night. I have to work and we are really busy Fridays. I know that i will not go out and do anything fun if my face is all f-ed up. And School is about to start...so i need to enjoy my time while i still can. Time NOT spent in front of the mirror picking. Is there a med I should b eon for these compulsions...I wonder..Or is my will power just Really sucky?? I cant wait to run out of the last of my proactive so I can try something new. I Need to get clear!!! I am a texture person people!!!I cant live like this!

-ok. sorry if you read this. Like I said. I am doing this for me. and this is what i need to feel better about my flaws...than this it is.


I totally feel you. I am also a constant picker on my face which I am also try very hard to avoid. But I could not resist the temptation to pick when my finger feel something harden under my skin. Anyways, let's fighting off the bad habit.

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