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Day 20 - Blackheads, cysts and dry skin



It feels a bit silly having an entry complaining about my skin when my community in London has been plagued by rioting thieving thugs, but addition to the riots irritating me my skin has also been a bit shit.

Nasty crusty/flaky/peeling skin around my mouth and lips area. Make up does nothing except make it more noticable and I look very perculiar with it on. Damn you!

Three lurking cysts, threatening everyday to erupt into all out boils. Sitting under my chin, by my nose crevice, and forehead. Damn you! Nowhere near ripe to sqeeze, not really noticable they are more like lumps atm. Fingers crossed they get bored and deflate. I've also noticed that smaller spots/blackheads are like orange pips - IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE! Squeezing just makes the area red so I've given up, which is very good.

The blackheads on my nose are more prominent and I can feel then protruding on my nose, its a bit gross. They refuse to come away even with gentle exfoliating.

And my lips - don't even get me started. They sort of remind me of scar tissue - really tight shiny. Applying a mixture of lipbalms/serum. trying some manuka lipbalm atm as it has injury healing qualities, however it's more of the waxy variety.

Rant over!

But I'm staying positive as all the above are sign that the tane is working and soon enough it will start clearing up. Along with the riots :)

Hope everyone in the UK has stayed safe



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