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and seeing the Derm tomorrow



I'm too lazy to post current pictures right now...probably more like too discouraged. They are mainly all around my mouth/chin area. A lot has happened the last few weeks, a lot of changes and slacking off. I was so concerned with covering my scars...when now that I have active acne again I forgot how stressful that is on top of it.

On the bright side, my scars have faded-though not completely of course. I look at pictures now compared to february, and there is a big difference. I called to schedule a derm appt back in april or may, at a time when I was 100% clear. I just want to get fraxel laser treatment or something for the scars. Now that I have active acne again (a very recent flareup within the last week) the derm is going to think it's always been this way.

I keep reminding myself that it takes about a week or two for pimples to form, so I've been thinking back to the last 3-4 weeks of what would cause my skin to erupt.

I will list the potential causes for the recent breakout:

STRESS- this is FOR SURE. A few weeks ago, since the start of this class, I was VERY stressed out. I wasn't crying much or anything, but holding a lot of frustration and depression inside. One day, I was crying in my school's bathroom, and I could feel my skin getting hot and tingly.

Dairy- For the last two weeks, I started introducing more dairy, specifically milk, with my cereal. I have continued to eat small amounts of cheese daily, which for the last few months didn't seem to cause major flareups. I also had icecream a 3 times in the last 3 weeks... :doh:(

I was 1 week late in starting my BC.

Changing face wash- About 4 weeks ago, I started using Olay Regenerist facewash, after avoiding sodium laurel sulfate for a few months. I just realized today this could be a very likely reason for the breakout.

Organic's tinted moisturizer- this crap is too oily and expensive. My skin was so oily during the day, and I just felt my skin coated and icky. I only used it for a few days, with Jane Iredale powder on top...I stopped using it though after a few times.

Chocolate :)( My best-friend (now boyfriend haha) visited from switzerland and brought me all this delicious chocolate.... I haven't had swiss chocolate- or really any chocolate- in quite a few months.

Touching skin- I have been terrible at touching my face and picking it. I'm not as gentle as I used to be when I wash it. I also let my boyfriend touch my skin....thank goodness it was smooth when he did...but now there's pimples in the area he touched.

BP- I tested this on my forehead, and a few days later applied a teeny tiny bit more on my forehead. The good thing is that all the little tiny blackheads, clogged pores, and bumps have dried up. I decided to put a tiny amount around my mouth. The next day my skin was incrediby read in only the places I applied BP. I definitely couldn't lie and say it was a sunburn. I'm debating whether or not my skin is still to sensitive to use it. I only had small comodomes around my mouth, and I guess the BP caused an eruption. I don't get how it works great on my forehead and doesn't cause a horrible breakout, yet on my skin. Maybe, it is irritating my skin and causing an inflammatory response, resulting in breakouts.

Not washing makeup brush enough.

Jane Iredale's tea tree concealer.

Well, that sounds like a good list. I'm confident that this time will pass. I had smooth and relatively clear skin not too long ago...I'm just wondering if to go the DKR route again...I don't think I could handle another horrendous initial breakout. I think I will continue to use on my forehead every other day. I'm praying that it will go well with the derm tomorrow. I will not go on accutane or antibiotics that are going to mess up my stomach, kidneys, and other good bacteria. I hope tomorrow, this huge pimple on my upper lip will go down. Cross fingers and praying hard!


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